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When you need help with stinging pest control in WV, VA, and surrounding areas, depend on Standard Exterminating Company, Inc. On another page, we reviewed the problems associated with bees. Of course, there are many other flying insects that sting. These can cause problems in and around the home, garden, office, farm, and other places where people gather. Warm weather can especially bring problems with stinging bugs like mosquitos, wasps, and hornets.
These stinging pests enjoy making their nests close to people and pets. Most often, we find stinging pests inside attics, between windows and screens, and under gutters, decks, and eaves. It is important to seal cracks and crevices to keep them from traveling indoors. For effective stinging pest control, call Standard Exterminating Company at (304) 342-5200 or contact us online. We serve homes and businesses throughout the region.

Mosquitos, Wasps, Hornets, and More –Battle
Stubborn Stinging Insects

Anyone who has tried to do battle with a stubborn wasp or hornet will recognize it is not easy. There are particular behaviors that can make getting rid of stinging insects a little tough:
  • • Wasps, yellow jackets, and hornet problems tend to be seasonal, with nests that can attach to trees and buildings. Humans tend to see these bees as unwelcome visitors at picnics and outdoor events. Some large, invasive nests need removal, while others may not. Different types of pesticides are effective, while certain states and areas may limit pesticide use.
  • • Stinging pests may pose a threat to humans and pets because their stingers and venom can cause an allergic reaction in some individuals. The reaction can be very serious and can even lead to death, which is why is it better to call on an expert to get rid of the problem.
  • • In particular, we know mosquitos are the main carriers of serious illnesses—such as the West Nile virus and malaria. West Nile can affect approximately 20 percent of people with a fever, headache, body aches, pains, and fatigue. One percent of those who get sick can develop an even more serious form of the illness.
  • • Mosquitos can re-infect locations that have these viral illnesses under control. Prolonged exposure to insecticides over several mosquito generations lowers chemical effectiveness.

Effective Stinging Pest Control in WV, VA, and Surrounding Areas

Standard Extermination Company technicians have training in the best way to handle stinging pest infestation. We serve residential and commercial customers in WV, VA, and surrounding areas by removing nests to keep pests from returning. The targeted solutions we provide can keep your family a little safer when it comes to stinging pests.
See our important information about honeybee nest relocation, at the bottom of the “Bees” section. Call us today for stinging pest control in WV, VA, and surrounding areas.