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Property Services for Added Protection Against Intrusive Pests

Insulation Installation for Homes and Businesses in
WV, OH, PA, KY and VA

Here is valuable information on insulation services by Standard Exterminating Company, Inc. Having a building that is properly insulated can help give added defense against intrusive pests. We ask WV, OH, PA, KY, and VA property owners to pay special attention to areas where pests have access. These areas include attics, crawlspaces, and basements.
Installing insulation can discourage occupation by pests and give you added assurance and peace of mind. It can also provide some economic savings when it comes to heating and cooling your home. Call Standard Exterminating Company, Inc. at (304) 342-5200 or contact us online for our insulation installation service.

The Right Kind of Insulation Solution for Your Needs

The technicians at Standard Exterminating can offer the right kind of insulation solution that is appropriate for your needs. We use blown-in insulation made of recycled material that is a certified preventative approach. The installation of insulation protects against common pests like roaches and ants.
Many property owners are familiar with rolls of insulation. Another option we can provide is a cost-efficient radiant heat barrier. We can install this in attics or garage spaces to help protect items stored there.
We Set the “STANDARD” for Services in WV, OH, PA, KY and VA

Start with a Free Inspection from Standard
Extermination Company, Inc.

We go through a three-part process when it comes to insulation work. First would be a free inspection to check the areas to assess your current insulation and pest control needs. Second is a scheduled visit to install the materials, whether it is the blown-in insulation, rolled batting, or heat barrier. Part three is year-round monitoring of your home. This ensures you enjoy both the thermal benefits of insulation along with making sure that pests stay away.

Extra Services to Secure Your Property for Healthier Living

Standard Exterminating Company, Inc. offers extra property services for moisture control in crawl spaces and foundation vents. Our technicians also perform real estate inspections to certify properties are free of wood-destroying insects. We recognize the importance of sharing these valued property services with our clients throughout WV, OH, PA, KY, and VA.

Customer Satisfaction Comes Standard with Standard Exterminating

Standard Exterminating expects our customers will be happy with their insulation installation and offer our 30-day money-back guarantee. If, for some reason, you are not satisfied, just contact our office within 30 days of your initial treatment and we will address your concerns. If we are unable to rectify the problem, we will refund your initial charge and any prepaid renewals. Call today for insulation services by Standard Exterminating Company, Inc.