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Read testimonials from clients of Standard Exterminating Company, Inc. to see how we set the standard for pest control. The words of our customers mean so much to us. They let us know the kind of service they expect and how well our team delivers. Read what our customers have to say in their own words about the products and services we provide. Call us today at (304) 342-5200 or contact us online for service at your location.
Testimonials from Clients of
Standard Exterminating Company, Inc.
“Your company’s service and commitment to the customer is without a doubt the best in the valley. I can say that because in this process—one year of trying to close on this house—we have had to have four inspections because of timing delays and other issues:
  • The first inspection cost $107 at Christmas time and I am sure that is double the cost of the inspection; nothing found. They couldn’t provide me with a copy of the proper form the bank wanted and wouldn’t even work with me to try to appease the bank. They found no issues.
  • The second inspection cost $50 and there was nothing found. Not sure what company they called.
  • The third inspection cost $50 and they did not arrive when they said they would be there. They showed up an hour later, did not call, and when my niece wasn’t there he tried the door. Apparently, when she left to go out the door didn’t latch properly and he went into the house. He did not call her, did not check to see if it was okay to go in the home, and then said he saw a dead pest in a spider web on the porch but did not find the issues that Josh found. Said his boss told him to go into the house and was not very nice to my niece when talking with her about what he found.
  • Then your company comes, shows up, does a thorough inspection, explains what you have found, spends 30 minutes on the phone helping me to understand the problem, options, and worked with me to get it done quickly. Invaluable to someone who does not understand the process.

So I will recommend your company to anyone who is looking for someone to either do an inspection, a treatment, or answer questions. Excellent customer service.

Thank you so much,

S. Vinson