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Moisture Control In Crawl Spaces

Foundation Vents, from Standard Exterminating Company, Inc.

A healthy home includes finding ways to manage the amount of moisture that can be attracting outside pests into your home or business. In addition to drawing pests like termites indoors, excess moisture can add to structural problems like windows sticking, peeling paint, and foul odors from untreated mold or fungus that accumulates and causes decay. These situations can aggravate health concerns like allergies and asthma.

Standard Exterminating Company can help rid your home of excess moisture with a targeted program designed to reduce humidity. By treating crawlspaces, basements, and other areas, it helps to improve ventilation, protect pipes and wood, and can improve energy efficiency. We offer our three-step plan to help with moisture control:

Our technicians will inspect your building and conduct readings to identify moisture issues. This may include taking photos to document any damage they find. Step two is a plan that includes a number of options for resolving the problem. The treatment program may include cleaning out the space, sealing vents and/or installing temp-vents, installing a moisture-blocking barrier, adding meters to monitor on-going moisture levels, adding a liquid borate to prevent future wood decay fungal growth, and installing a dehumidifier, if necessary, to control the amount of moisture. Step three is on-going monitoring to ensure the level of moisture is balanced and to make adjustments, as necessary.

Temp-Vents are the best automatic foundation vents used as defense against excess moisture in crawlspaces of homes and buildings. They open and close automatically depending on the air temperature, allowing the proper amount of air to circulate under the structure, and they do not require electricity.

Some of the reasons Temp-Vents are used around foundations are:

  • They help save heating costs in winter
  • They have screens on both sides, which prevent pests from entering the crawlspace
  • They enhance the value and beauty of your home
  • They help prevent frozen water and sewer pipes
  • They offer convenience and peace of mind knowing they open and close automatically during the appropriate season.

Moisture barriers, along with the appropriate foundation ventilation, are important in preserving wood foundations and subfloors of your home or business. Installing a moisture barrier in a crawl space, for example, will cause the moisture to accumulate on the barrier and be returned to the soil, instead of being absorbed into the wood. This can allow wood to dry slowly and minimize warping and cracking.

Give the experts at Standard Exterminating a call today, for your free evaluation to see if any of our moisture control or vent solutions can be put to work in your home or business.

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