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Pest Control and Property Services in West Virginia

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Standard Exterminating Company, Inc. provides pest control and property services in West Virginia. We serve residential, commercial, and industrial customers throughout the region in West Virginia, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, and Virginia. Since 1958, our registered technicians are available for same-day and emergency service, and all of our treatments are guaranteed!

With free inspections and free estimates, your family’s health and safety is our primary concern. Call us today at (304) 342-5200 or contact us online.
Call us today at (304) 342-5200
or contact us online.

Residential & Commercial Pest Control Services

Standard Exterminating Company, Inc. provides residential and commercial pest control services.

We respond promptly with excellent services for these types of pest situations:

We find bed bugs in many places, such as offices, dormitories, stores, and gyms.
Stinging pests enjoy making their nests around where we are, often inside attics, between windows and screens, and under gutters, decks, and eaves.
A termite infestation can bring real headaches to any property owner. They can literally ‘eat away’ at the foundation of your home.
Fleas can be a frequent, recurring problem for homes and businesses. This is especially true if there is a lot of traffic from people and pets going in and out.
Many of us see and live with flies every day, so we may not recognize the problem. They can carry some serious parasites, bacteria, and viruses that affect our health.
Rodents, like mice and rats, can literally ‘chew away’ at your property, causing damage and bringing germs and disease to where you live and work..
Thousands of species of bees live all over the world, and play important roles in the survival of the planet’s ecology and plant life.
Common cockroaches can come in a number of varieties. In the wild, they are beneficial to the environment as important recyclers of decaying organic material.
There are tens of thousands of spider species identified throughout the world. Like any creature, there are good and bad aspects of having spiders around your home or business.

Cryonite®: The Best Non-Toxic, Effective Pest Control Available

When it comes to clean, safe, and effective pest control, Standard Exterminating Company, Inc. is the best choice for any home or business owner available. We use the powerful Cryonite system, ensuring chemical-free insect and pest removal every time.
Cryonite is environmentally friendly, non-toxic, and one of the most effective tools in the industry because it uses carbon dioxide to freeze pests instantaneously. Because there are no harmful pesticides or chemicals involved, the pests cannot build a tolerance to it, so we can use it for every job, every time!

We Set the “STANDARD” in Pest Control Services in WV, OH, PA, KY, and VA

Property Services for Insulation, Moisture Control, & Inspections

Protect your property with effective services from Standard Exterminating Company, Inc. We offer residential, commercial, and industrial property services for:
Property owners throughout the region know and trust our essential property services. All of these services go hand-in-hand with keeping your property healthier, safer, and reduce the likelihood of pest problems. We have four office locations to serve you. We invite you to read more about us, including testimonials from select satisfied customers.

Standard Exterminating Company, Inc. is your number one choice for professional, prompt extermination, pest control, and property services. Call the office nearest you to schedule a FREE inspection today! Contact us for pest control and property services in West Virginia.

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