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Getting Rid of Spiders with Standard
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Spider Extermination and Prevention Tips You Need to Know

Here are some helpful tips on getting rid of spiders with Standard Exterminating Company, Inc. There are tens of thousands of spider species identified throughout the world. Like any creature, there are good and bad aspects. Having spiders and their webs around the house can keep other pests controlled naturally. When helpful spiders become unhelpful pests, contact us at Standard Exterminating Company, Inc. or call (304) 342-5200 for spider extermination.

Consider Spots Where Spiders May Enter the Building

Give some thought that spiders will make their webs in places where they are sure to catch food. These spots may indicate where other pests are likely to come in.
Spiders feed on prey they are able to subdue—and they become a problem for humans when they invade our space and become a biting nuisance. Most common spider varieties are harmless to humans, and they can be found anywhere. Spider species have been found in damp places, such as basements. They also enjoy dry places, such as attics and barns.

Spider Fear Factors vs. Real Dangers, Plus Some Prevention Tips

Many of us have a ‘fear factor’ when it comes to spiders and their webs. The most dangerous types of spiders to encounter are the black widow and brown recluse. On the whole, spider bites are rare. However, bites may require first aid or other treatment if the person is small or has a compromised immune system.
Some pest prevention tips for spiders include:
  • • De-clutter your garage, attic, closets, and other storage spaces where household items are likely to accumulate.
  • • Swap out cardboard or wooden crates for covered plastic containers.
  • • Repair, replace, or install screens over doors and windows.
  • • Seal openings on the exterior of the structure.
  • • Sign up for routine pest control services.

Control Spiders in and Around Your Home or Business

The pest control treatments we use for spiders give you the fastest and best results possible. If spiders are a recurring problem, give Standard Exterminating Company a call. Our technicians help keep the negative aspects of spiders under control in and around your home or business. Call today for service on getting rid of spiders from Standard Exterminating Company, Inc.