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Getting Rid Of Termites

Taking a Tough Stand in Termite Territory, from Standard Exterminating Company, Inc.


A termite infestation can bring real headaches to any property owner. They can literally ‘eat away’ at the foundation of your home, no matter what type of construction is used. In recent decades, termite colonies have been known to migrate to new areas by hitching a ride on wood and other materials being shipped from state to state.

This ability to move easily can add to the difficulty in remediating termite problems. Termites are able and willing to feed on a variety of materials in the home, including wood, paper, books, drywall, leather, cellulose insulation, cardboard, and even animal fur. Termites can sneak into homes in many ways, even making their way through concrete.

Tackling termites can be important even before construction begins. With today’s termite fighting technology, we are able to offer pre-construction termite treatments that can act as a barrier before any slab and backfill, a borate for after framework is finished, and using advanced bait stations after construction is completed. This early protection can be warranted by a Termite Renewal Contract, which can be transferred to the new owners.

The main entry points for termites are construction joints, pipe penetrations, and bath traps, and they have been known to crawl up the siding outside a home. This is why it is important to install siding with six or eight inches exposed at the bottom, so it can be checked for inspections and discourage infestation. Many homeowners’ insurance policies do not cover termite damage, which means lenders may require a bond before providing money to homebuyers.

Damage caused by termites can amount to billions of dollars in any given year in the United States alone, more than fire, flood, and other natural disasters combined, making termite destruction one of the leading pest control problems. Training on termite inspection, along with the right kind of control program for each building construction type takes some time to complete, along with lots of experience to get the job done right.

You can rely on Standard Exterminating Company, Inc. to handle your entire termite pest situation, from the initial inspection, to aggressive, customized treatment, and monitoring of the effectiveness. We make sure the termites stay gone, and you can rest assured of the quality of the method used and our expertise.

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