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Wildlife Removal for Small Animal Pests in WV and VA

Humane Trapping by Standard Exterminating Company, Inc.

Remove Possums, Raccoons, Mink, Skunks,
Snakes, Moles, and Groundhogs

Standard Exterminating Company, Inc. provides wildlife removal for small animal pests in WV and VA. Woodland creatures have a way of infiltrating both residential and commercial properties at various times of the year. Standard Exterminating uses humane trapping to secure the animal for safe removal. When small animal wildlife visit your home or business, you want them out fast. Call Standard Exterminating Company, Inc. at (304) 342-5200 or contact us online for prompt removal service.
Due to the humane trapping mechanism, we do not offer removal for bats or other types of flying wildlife.

The Great Outdoors Can Surprise Us Sometimes

Many who live in urban and semi-rural areas get lulled into forgetting about the many other outdoor creatures around us. Some small creatures, such as squirrels, rabbits, or chipmunks almost blend into the foliage. We lose sight of these other critters with the less time we spend in the great outdoors. But wildlife creatures from the great outdoors can surprise us sometimes.
Wildlife can do more than surprise us. They can also bring a host of other problems. Of course, each type of wildlife has its role in our ecosystem. Moles and voles can burrow and wreck lawns. Possums, raccoons, and mink can chew into garbage or damage crops and plants. Snakes can help keep rodent populations low, but they are not always friendly. Some, like skunks, can sneak around and spray their scent on your pets in the yard. Who wants that kind of surprise?

Removing Small Animal Pests with Standard Exterminating Company

Having to get rid of small animal pests is not always easy. Much of this wildlife is nocturnal, which means people do not notice their presence or activity during the day. Most property owners do not have the time necessary for setting traps and keeping this type of wildlife under control. Rely on Standard Exterminating Company, Inc. to humanely trap and remove small wildlife. We serve residential and commercial clients throughout the region for:
  • Possum Removal
  • Raccoon Removal
  • Mink Removal
  • Skunk Removal
  • Snake Removal
  • Removal of Moles and Voles
  • Groundhog Removal

Relocate Animals Back to Their Natural Habitat

Standard Exterminating Company, Inc. has technicians trained in humane trapping techniques. We then remove the creature and relocate the animals back to their natural habitat and away from yours. Our team works with everyone’s safety and our customers’ satisfaction in mind. Call us today for wildlife removal for small animal pests in WV and VA.

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