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Getting Rid Of Pigeons & Other Birds

Birds Can Be Pests, Too, from Standard Exterminating Co.

Bird & Pigeon Removal

There may be nothing as beautiful as the birdsong on a sunny morning, and millions of people enjoy bird watching as a pastime on a regular basis. Birds are important predators, keeping insect, worm, and rodent populations under control. However, there are species of birds that can cause significant damage or carry disease.

Because of their importance, birds are given protection by federal laws and regulations, so it is good to call for an expert when their roosting or nesting on your property becomes a problem. The most obvious problem would be the corrosive effective of their droppings, which can deface buildings, sidewalks, steps, cars, statues, etc. In large numbers, bird droppings may attract other insects like beetles and moths.

In addition to property damage, bird droppings have been known to transmit more than 60 diseases to humans and animals. This can have a direct effect on health of the brain, lungs, skin, and digestive tract. Bird droppings can contaminate food and water, and release airborne spores, which is why effective bird management can be very important in maintaining a healthy environment at home and work.

Some of the most offending ‘pest’ birds include:

  • Pigeons – Sometimes known as “flying rats,” these can be up to 11 inches in length and weigh around 13 ounces. Most are gray in color, with darker black bars on the wings, with feet that are a reddish color. Pigeons are very dependent on humans for food, and have become the number one pest in urban and rural areas.
  • House sparrow – These are about five to six and a half inches in length and weigh about an ounce. They have a gray underside with a reddish-brown color with streaks of black. Sparrows can be aggressive and drive off other songbirds that live in the area.
  • Starling – These birds are slightly larger than the sparrow, about six inches in length and weighing up to 3 ounces. They are dark brownish-black in color with light speckles. These birds travel in large flocks and prefer to stay in trees or on gutters, which they use as a source of water.
  • Grackles – Grackles are a large blackbird, with yellow eyes and a long, sharp bill. They can be shiny black, with purple coloring on its back, head, and neck. These birds can also be aggressive scavengers, often foraging off of human food and garbage.

Some pest control tips for birds:

  • Keep food sources to a minimum.
  • Keep garbage and other organic debris in closed containers or away from your home.
  • Cover gutters and other openings where they might choose to nest with bird-proof netting.

Standard Exterminating Company enjoys giving Mother Nature a hand when it comes to controlling bird pests, so our methods meet industry standards and are eco-friendly. When you notice that birds have become more of a nuisance than a wonder, give us a call and we can help keep the bird population where it belongs.

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